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Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

The only person you are destined to become 
is the person you decide to be.

~  Ralph Waldo Emerson


I always wanted to be an astronaut. Who doesn’t want to see the stars up close! But as my sister always said, I get motion sickness if I change my mind while driving the car! So I’ll just gaze at the stars from down here. I had other dreams too. But for some reason I ended up in a completely different field. It gave me security but it didn’t feed my creativity.lemonade stand - 50480

Throughout most of my career I had a small cartoon picture of a lemonade stand on my computer. It was a reminder that one day I want to have a business I’ll enjoy as much as kids enjoy their lemonade stand in the summer.

After 18 years in my career I called it quits and I moved to a small lake side community. I love it here. I slowly found my way to making sterling silver jewellery and now it’s my passion. But a lemonade stand it isn’t!

What I never imaged, was to have a business today I’d have to learn how to maintain a website, use Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and write a newsletter and a blog for friends who wish to follow me along my journey. I knew very little about technology but I jumped into the 21st century to join the rest of civilization; albeit, kicking and screaming! I wonder if you need this much technology to run a lemonade stand?

Having a jewellery business is not the simple lemonade stand I thought it was going to be. But it allows me to be creative in my work. I hope my love for my new career and lifestyle is reflected in my jewellery, website, blog and everything I do.

Thanks for reading my first blog. Be sure to check back regularly, or follow me on social media, to see how I’m doing.



image © Dennis Cox |